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Jackalberry House

Purple – the colour of royalty!

Jackalberry House

We are the Jackalberries! Strong and powerful in nature. You may know us by our Latin name: Diospyros mespiliformis or simply, the African Ebony tree.

The scientific name of this tree can be interpreted as a tree that has ‘fruits of the gods’. It supports an abundant array of wildlife that exists in and around this tree during the fruiting season. The berries ripen to a rich purple hue – a regal colour that speaks of our position on the hierarchical house scale.

The members of Jackalberry are a diverse group of young people with great enthusiasm and spirit. We encompass a variety of different talents. We are a community connected by strong bonds.

Our mascot, the Heffalump represents the power of imagination. If we can imagine it, we can achieve it! We take pride in who we are and take every opportunity on with passion and dedication. Together, we can achieve our goals.

May PURPLE reign supreme!

“As I walked into my first house assembly in 2017, I automatically knew that being placed in Jackalberry (Silverlea at the time) was the right path for me. The atmosphere was filled with happiness, excitement, spirit and a sense of belonging which made my time over the years in Jackalberry so memorable and special.”

– Megan Frost

“I feel honoured to be able to serve the house which made me feel at home from the beginning. I knew from Grade 8 when my matric leader introduced me to all the girls in my tutor group, that i would one day too like to be one of the first people whomt the new grade 8’s get to meet and i get to show them the wonderful house that Jackalberry is.”

– Zuhaa Abader

Head of Jackalberry House & Matric Leaders

Sikho Roxo

KS – Matric Leader

“The first responsibility as a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you, in between, the leader is a servant.”

Gabriella Willemse

TH – Matric Leader

“It’s important to have empathy and accountability as a leader, to set an example, to identify problems and rectify them, and be true to yourself and those around you.”

Zain Beaunoir

WV – Matric Leader

“Don’t follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ella Dodds

YM – Matric Leader

“Empowering those around you to be heard and valued makes the difference between a leader who simply instructs and one who inspires” – Adena Friedman

Jackalberry House Class Tutors

Hanuman Trenell


Marais Yvette

Grade 9 Head

Amien Shireen

House Coordinator – Jackalberry

van Wyk Wendy


Stemmet Kaelin

Educator, Grade 12 Head
FET Subject Head – Mathematical Literacy