The Debating Society has had a busy year and is looking forward to what 2023 has in store.

After a busy year of training and countless rotary debates, the society is now taking the time to refine our skills and work on further familiarising ourselves with the structuring of arguments, debate terminology, and the varying topics that could be discussed in future rotary rounds.

Since quite a few of the new members have never participated in an official debate, we have created mock debates between the juniors and seniors in order to help prepare our junior debtors for what to expect from the senior phase of debating as well as to provide more practice for the senior debaters. This has also allowed both the junior and senior learners to get to know one another and socialise, making it easier for them to form bonds with potential teammates.

This debating year has been particularly exciting as Wynberg has begun to participate in rotary debates with other schools. Therefore, they have gained quite a bit of experience, and the senior team even won one of the debates. It has been the first time in a long time that the debate team has participated in rotary debates with other schools, due to covid. New debaters have learned a set amount of skills and how to critically analyse topics.

Aside from this, two of our debate members, Nicole Mufudze and Jessi Francis recently participated in a Moot Court Competition where they were able to thoroughly apply their skills learned in debate. They will soon be one of the 4 schools representing the Western Cape and Wynberg in the National Rounds in Johannesburg and we wish them the best.

The Debate Society is looking forward to what it’s in store for the future and hopes to get many more opportunities to showcase our wonderful students and their amazing skills!

Written by: Nicole Mufudze and Jessi Francis