Academic Committee: Outreach Subcommittee Certificates

Earlier this term the Outreach Subcommittee of the new Academic Committee invited learners in Grades 8 – 11 to nominate someone from their class who has demonstrated excellent improvement or progress in class.  This was not only limited to improved marks but also notable organisational skills, active participation in class discussions, and an overall positive attitude towards schoolwork. The committee members visited the tutor groups to present certificates and chocolates to learners who received the most nominations in their class.

Photograph: Academic Committee
Back: Nazia Paleker, Zara Thomas, Thanaa Parker, Ameera Parker, Tatum Barnes, Carrey Giffard, Isabella Smuts. Front: Charlene Meleka, Aaliyah Hoosain, Nabeelah Salie, Razia Paleker, Anna-Belle Naidoo, Wendy Moses. Absent: Shaylin Carelse.