On 26 October, Mowana, the fiery red house, had its 2022 House Event. The afternoon was filled with laughter from the learners and everyone left with a smile on their face.

The leaders of 2022/2023 planned a few games to get the learners out of their comfort zones to build new bonds with people from other tutor groups in the house. One of my favourite games from this event was definitely the chocolate game (courtesy of Ms Faller and Jessica Hansen, the Matric Leader of SL), who introduced the leaders to the game. The event was a huge success – here is what a few of the learners had to say:

“It was very fun, well planned, the vibe was amazing! The music, decorations and sweet table were a big highlight. Our favourite aspect was definitely the free sweets – they were delicious. We just wish it was longer. The games were very fun, and we loved how competitive we all were!” – Lauren Helm (SJ); Eden Barbier (SF); Radiyah Davids (SF)

“The house event was amazing, bringing us together not only as a house but also as a family. This event was truly spectacular and I’m really grateful and proud to call Mowana my house” – Hannah Naidoo (SF)

“I really enjoyed the event because it was a way to engage with many in my house outside school times and I feel that it helped the house to interact better than they do on a normal occasion” – Yusrah Sakier (SJ)

A huge thank you to Ms Faller and the leaders who organised the event, as well as to all the learners who participated and made this event possible.

Report by: Famke Zeeman (Head of Mowana 2022/2023)