The Grade 9 learners visited the District 6 Museum and the Holocaust and Genocide Centre. Read the full report about their visit to these museums below.

This year the History and English Departments collaborated to take the Grade 9 learners on an outing to the District 6 Museum and the Holocaust and Genocide Centre.

These two places provided our Grade 9s with a broader understanding of sections covered in the Grade 9 History syllabus, namely the Rise of Nazism, the Holocaust, and Apartheid. It also allows them to build on their knowledge of the literature studied in English, namely The Children of Willesden Lane by Mona Golabek and Lee Cohen, and Mother to Mother by Sindiwe Magona.

At the Holocaust and Genocide Centre the learners began with an introduction to the centre to re-orientate themselves with this section of work as well as gain an understanding of why places like the Holocaust and Genocide Centre are important and why they are established. The Grade 9s were then led through the Holocaust exhibit by volunteers and had the opportunity to ask questions about the rise of the Nazis and the genocide. This was hugely beneficial and provided a clear understanding of the incredible cruelty and harshness faced by those targeted by Hitler’s regime.

While at the District Six Homecoming Centre, the Grade 9s were given an overview of segregation in South Africa predating apartheid. We also had the chance to speak to residents of District Six who were forcibly removed due to the implementation of the Group Areas Act. This provided a real-life experience to work that the Grade 9s had only learnt about in theory. A scavenger hunt at the District 6 Museum was followed with a tour of the museum from the ex-residents.

This excursion was inspiring and, at times, difficult, but it allowed us to come to grips with the reality of sections of history learnt through our curriculums. It is a privilege that we get to meet and ‘meet’ those who have experienced these two very different and yet very similar era’s of history.

Pictured below: The Grade 9s at the Holocaust and Genocide Centre.

Pictured below: The Grade 9s at the District 6 Museum.