The Grade 9 team building was an event I’m glad I didn’t miss. From the ice breakers to the water games, every second was enjoyable. It was a fantastic day with full-on mental and physical challenges that somehow brought us all closer together as a grade. I’m so glad that I could take part in this and a special ‘thank you’ to the teachers and parents who allowed us to go on the journey. – Ruth Mbay, Grade 9 learner.

We had the opportunity to visit the Holocaust Centre and District 6 Museum. We first went to the District 6 Museum and we learnt so much. We spoke to past District 6 residents and they shared parts of their story and the history of District 6 with us. It was very interesting to learn. We even did a small scavenger hunt, where we had to look for items in the museum. After that, we went to the Holocaust Centre. There was a short presentation about the genocide and the Holocaust. Then, we were split into smaller groups where guides from the Centre taught us about the Holocaust. It was fascinating to learn new information. Afterwards, we had a debrief, reflection and Q&A session as a big group with the Holocaust Centre staff. – Eden Barbier, Grade 9 learner.

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