This term, the Occasions Team attended an exciting team-building workshop to help us become more acquainted with our team members.  This fun-filled afternoon involved various bonding activities such as battling to be the first group to separate boxes of Smarties with chopsticks within 30 seconds. These games fuelled our competitive energy and encouraged us to build even stronger friendships within the Occasions Team. The session also provided a special opportunity to discuss ideas to help improve the various systems in place.  We have successfully assisted in a number of events throughout the term, including the Leaders Induction, Matric Valedictory, the Matric Art Exhibition, the Grade 8 Information Evening, as well as helping in the tuckshop during break time. At special events, our role typically involves ensuring that everything runs smoothly by setting up catering, welcoming visitors, as well as serving and clearing refreshments.

Written by: Ameera Parker