On Monday, 23 October a special assembly was held to celebrate the various learner achievements of the Service Pillar. In this assembly, the Peer Guide team of 2024 was announced.  We proudly recognised six of our Peer Guides who are in their second year of service; Asibabale Noah(Head), Hanan Salasa, Kelly Tayler, Kendre Hetherington, Nikita Damast and Thanaa Parker. We congratulate and welcome the newly appointed Peer Guides; Thaakirah Abrahams, Jessica Van Niekerk, Ruvarushe January, Tatum Barnes, Jemma Henry, Jannah Hoosain, Jorja Bailey, Esihle Haya and Anna-Belle Naidoo. The 2024 Peer Guides encourage you to reach out to them if you are feeling overwhelmed and in need of any support, or even just to chat. 

Written by: Asibabale Noah