Not so long ago, we invited the WGHS community to participate in our “RE-PLAY” initiative by donating your gently used sports attire and equipment.

Robyn Rorich (Head of Sport), Ellie (a friend of Robyn’s), and Debbie Rorich (Robyn’s mother) graciously collected the donated goods from the WGHS community, accumulating a total of 331 items contributed by WGHS, Debbie’s running club, as well as friends and family.

On Wednesday, 4 October, they delivered the sports equipment to Terence Crowster, the founder of the Hot-Spot Library. Terence then sorted through the items and distributed the goods among six libraries. Following this, Robyn, Ellie, and Debbie spent an afternoon at one of the libraries, engaging with local children who had come to this safe space during the holidays. It was a truly memorable and humbling experience for them.

We extend our gratitude to the Wynberg community for their contributions to this remarkable initiative and a big thank you to the Rorich family for their efforts in organising the drop-off of the goods and for sharing their experience.

Watch the brief video below, showcasing their time at the library