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Sports Pillar

Building team-work and commitment and sportsmanship

At Wynberg Girls’ High School, we see sport as a way to offer a range of learning opportunities outside the classroom and a chance for our learners to step out of their comfort-zones, into a world where team-work, commitment, dedication and a sense of pride and camaraderie are seen as essential life-skills.


The updated WGHS sportswear order form (January – March 2023) is available to download/view, click here.

Summer Sport


Indoor Hockey



Road Running

Touch Rugby


Synchronised Swimming



Winter Sport



Cross-Country Running



Participating with honour and integrity

We define success on the sports fields, courts and in the pool not necessarily by the medals and trophies won, but rather by the importance
of participating with honour and integrity always, with the knowledge that there are essential lessons to be learnt from both winning and losing.

While we continuously strive for excellence and are exceptionally proud of the achievements of the provincial and national representatives in a number
of sports, we also encourage our learners to compete with a competitive spirit and flair that is uniquely “Wynberg”. The learners draw motivation and inspiration
from our rich sporting history and remain steadfast in their pursuit of promoting the Wynberg values by competing with sportsmanship, respect,
compassion, pride and remaining true to our school motto, “Honour Before Honours”.