At Wynberg we have a committed Body of Governors who work actively together to promote the well-being and effectiveness of the school community and thereby enhance the learning and teaching. The SGB offers both professional and administrative support to the school in pursuit of responsible governance and their support of the leadership and staff of Wynberg.

Current Governing Body

The active engagement and collaboration of parents in the efficient administration of the school are made possible by the
School Governing Body.

Through the governance structure, parents acquire specific rights and play a substantial role in molding the educational environment
for their children. Governing bodies have the ability to convene, formulate policies, and even implement financial contributions
in the form of school fees.

Governors are bestowed with key responsibilities, including the establishment of policies regarding admissions, language, religion, and finances. They also wield authority over critical aspects such as budgeting, the hiring of additional staff, the management of the school’s physical infrastructure, the introduction or discontinuation of subjects, the determination of the extracurricular curriculum, the decision-making on sports offerings, the establishment of school uniform and branding, and the formulation of codes of conduct for both learners and educators.