We immerse our learners in experiences that prepare them for leadership in a challenging and changing world. There is in each grade a programme uniquely designed to prepare our learners for inspirational and courageous leadership. In the senior years of their schooling, it’s the real McCoy. A dynamic and rigorous learner leadership programme takes place.

Particular Programmes designed for leadership development in each Grade

Grade 8

Belonging: getting to know your peers and your school

It is particularly through our carefully designed orientation programme that we work to create a strong sense of belonging in the school. We believe that our learners experience satisfaction and fulfillment when they feel connected to their peers and their school.


Leadership opportunities:

Grade 9

Establishing and recognising boundaries

It is particularly through the Alternative Education Programme which takes place at the end of term 1, that our learners learn to recognise their strengths and limitations, in very practical ways. Through this, they learn to encourage and support each other, and the value of teamwork.

Leadership opportunities:

Grade 10

Preparing for leadership

In this year, we encourage the learners to look at leadership and be answerable to each other and to their school, our Grade 10s are taught to develop their particular interests, concerns, and talents with leadership and self-growth in mind.


Leadership opportunities:

Grade 11

Consolidating, extending and practising leadership

In this year, having leadership and self-growth in mind, their practical learning is consolidated and extended through a 3-day leadership camp specifically designed to deepen their understanding of themselves, each other, and the skills vital for excellent leadership.


Leadership opportunities:

Grade 12

Leading the school and preparing for the world

By the time our Grade 12 student leaders are appointed, they have shown that they have the talents and the vision to assume responsibility of a portfolio. Potential candidates write letters of application and submit CVs and manifestos for the scrutiny of the school and the staff with whom they work closely. They are interviewed and required to address the student body they serve. Accountability, delivery and integrity are expected of our leaders as they lead the student body. This actively prepares them for the kinds of skills needed for the workplace and tertiary education.

Leadership opportunities:

The benefits of this system are evident in the spirit of our leaders: strong, confident, innovative and active, they are prepared for positions in a challenging world.

School Council

School Council Leaders

The school council is a portfolio-driven council of leaders. 16-17 young women go through a rigorous application process to head up the top leadership positions within the school.

School Council

Leadership – Representative Council of Learners

The Representative Council of Learners is a statutory, democratically elected student body. Three representatives are elected by each grade for each grade.

Further Leadership Opportunities