Academic Pillar

Developing learners to the highest standards of integrity and academic excellence

Wynberg Girls’ High School follows the CAPS Curriculum (Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement) which leads to the National Senior Certificate. The maximum class size is 30 although some classes are considerably smaller, particularly in the senior grades where there is a wide choice of subjects.

Service Pillar

Central to our view is the cultivating of kindness – it’s simple, direct and effective.

We encourage our learners to give generously of themselves, to others, the community around them and the world they live in. And in so doing they discover abundance and the transformative power of other-centeredness.

Cultural Pillar

Our learners are able to pursue their passions with excitement and purpose.

In the extensive and exciting co-curricular cultural programme there is something for everyone. We believe that through the opportunities we offer, our learners are able to pursue their passions with excitement and purpose.

Sports Pillar

Soaring Spirits. Team Pride. Our sportswomen compete with spirit and flair that is uniquely ours.

At Wynberg Girls’ High School, we see sport as a way to offer a range of learning opportunities outside the classroom and a chance for our learners to step out of their comfort-zones, into a world where team-work, commitment, dedication and a sense of pride and camaraderie are seen as essential life-skills.

Communication Portfolio

Fostering a passion for digital communication skills.

This hands-on experience goes beyond traditional learning, allowing them to delve into the practical aspects of content creation. By engaging in projects aimed at producing compelling multimedia content, learners gain practical insights into effective communication strategies.

Sustainability Portfolio

Creating environmentally active and educated learners.

The Sustainability Portfolio is a symbol of our combined efforts to encourage a greener and more sustainable future for our school. This portfolio heads up an array of eco-friendly initiatives and recycling programmes to help reduce the school’s environmental footprint and to outline future goals for continuous improvement.

Learners collect fresh organic produce from the school’s vegetable garden, promoting not only a healthy lifestyle but also a lifelong interest in homegrown produce.